CNA Classes in Montana

Certified Nurse Aide training is taking place in several facilities all across the State of Montana. More and more residents are taking advantage of the CNA classes being offered. The increase in medical facilities has also caused for more CNAs to be needed. That demand has helped make becoming a Certified Nurse Aide a very promising career. A CNA can earn anywhere from $11 to $16 an hour or about $25,000 to $29,000 a year.


What Exactly Does A CNA Do?


People looking to enter the CNA programs often ask what the duties of a nurse aide will be. The role of a CNA is mostly making sure that each patient under their care is well attended. Since most of the patients they look after are unable to perform menial tasks on their own, a CNA will need to help them carry those chores out. In some cases, they may have to do it for them. It is because of this that every nurse aide should enjoy working with people. They should also be compassionate, caring and morally sound.


Nurse Training Programs Requirements

Some of the prerequisites you must meet before you can enter the nurse training program are as follows. You must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or a GED. Every applicant must also pass a physical exam and test Negative for a TB test. In addition, proof of U.S. Citizenship or legal residency must be provided.
When it comes to the training, each person must obtain a total of 100 hours. These hours consist of both lab, lecture and actual clinical experience. The hours must be obtained from an approved facility.

Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide can be a life changing move. It can lead to your entrance into the healthcare field and let you help people as well. Start taking your CNA classes today to begin the path of becoming a Certified Nurse Aide.